Rui Wang

Rui Wang

Research Scientist

HeliXon Ltd.


I am a Research Scientist at HeliXon, a biotech start-up, where we build next-generation AI solutions to protein-based therapeutics. I obtained my B.Sc. from the Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University where I had the privilege to work with Prof. David I. Inouye, Prof. Xiaoqian (Joy) Wang, Prof. Edward J. Delp, Prof. Matthew Ohland, Dr. Dan Ferguson, Prof. Yung-Hsiang Lu, Prof. Gaurav Nanda, and Prof. Saurabh Bagchi.

My research interests focus on understanding deep learning and building more performant models, which includes 1) interpretations of current AI models, 2) construction of new models that are readily interpretable with good performance, and 3) analyzing the properties of deep learning models from which we can build stronger models.

  • Computational Linguistics
  • Computational Biology
  • Interpretable Machine Learning
  • B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, 2020

    Purdue University


HeliXon Ltd.
Research Scientist
Aug 2021 – Present Beijing
CATME at Purdue
Research Intern
May 2019 – May 2021 West Lafayette, IN